As your health insurance advisor, I make it a priority to find the best possible insurance plan based on your specific needs and budget. You should fully understand what you’re buying into when it comes to such an important decision such as healthcare. That is why I spend as much time as you need to understand your coverage, so you can make a confident, educated decision about your healthcare.

Although I am able to see every option on the market, I specialize in the private market. Private plans are based on your health and NOT your income, so if you are relatively healthy, then these plans are for you. These plans allow me to help you save even more money on your monthly premiums while get better benefits—just for being relatively healthy!


The Benefits of Working with US.

Health insurance is a subject that confounds most. In 2020, the average national cost for health insurance is $456 for an individual and $1,152 for a family per month. How is it that we are spending this much and yet most people haven’t a clue what their insurance does or doesn’t cover and how benefits even work?

That’s what I’m here for. As an insurance advisor my first promise to you is to educate you on all options available that way you can confidently choose the best type of coverage for you and your loved ones. These days there are thousands of plans that change daily and each has something different to offer. FYI contrary to popular belief, the right private insurance can be significantly cheaper than those numbers above.

I specialize in private, health-based plans that offer nationwide coverage whether you’re on or off the job. Did you know that most plans out there only protect you in your zip code and county? Well I’ll tell you this much, by the time we’re done talking you’ll know the ins and outs and be an insurance expert!

Please book an appointment anytime so we can take care of your insurance needs.

enjoy a plan made to your specific needs

I don't really use what I have

If you don’t ever use your health insurance, why are you paying an arm and a leg for it? There are plans made specifically for people who aren’t “frequent fliers” at the doctor’s office – these are called Private healthcare plans!

I feel like I'm "overpaying"

If you are on a Marketplace/Obamacare plan or employer plan, then you probably are overpaying!

Private healthcare plans are worth taking a look at because rates are based on health and not your income!

I'm healthy! Why am I paying so much?

Private Healthcare plans are based on your health since they are medically underwritten. You are put into a pool of other healthy people. This lowers the overall risk class and allows the insurance companies to give preferred rates to people like you!

I travel often & need options

Most Obamacare/Marketplace plans are only EPO or HMO networks, meaning your coverage is limited to the county you live in. Private Healthcare plans are all PPO options, meaning your coverage will ALWAYS be there. Who wants to worry about insurance when you take a vacation? Not me!